3PL Services provided by Minoh Warehouse of Kita Osaka Sales Office, a state-of-the-art distribution center

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Providing new and logistics sharing and value-added services through "Raku-raku soko"

“Raku-raku soko” –The new logistics collaboration-

Fulfillment service
(Information / manufacturing / distribution service)

Fulfillment service

EC logistics service that promotes B2B2C / D2C logistics

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"To govern means to rectify."
We think the most important thing is correctness.

We have each employee for stakeholders such as customers and related parties.
We have a strong desire to be a company that can be treated with "correctness".
We are convinced that this will lead to "quality" in a broad sense that we cannot stop pursuing.

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3PL Services

Logistics services specializing in high-frequency small-lot logistics

We provide integrated distribution center operations for customers in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and electronics industries who require high frequency small-lot, high-mix low-volume, high-quality, and high-precision distribution operations. We have obtained manufacturing licenses (for packaging, labeling, and storage) under the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act at multiple locations in the Kanto and Kansai regions. This enables us to provide high quality services ranging from manufacturing operations for imported cosmetics to distribution and processing operations for domestic cosmetics.



(3PL Service, Quality Control / 3PL Results)


Sakata Warehouse's industry-specific solutions, fulfillment services, etc.

Interested in Sakata Warehouse's Logistics Services? Feel free to contact us.
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Interested in Sakata Warehouse's Logistics Services? Feel free to contact us.
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